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Time flies in time and space to witness every moment of effort, every minute of beauty comes from the ultimate pursuit

Delicate thinking and bold innovation, each time the exploration of the unknown, carrying the desire for the unknown and the pursuit of a better future Wisdom thinking and the pursuit of the ultimate ...

  • Quartz feldspar melting ...

    Natural art is the core of the world's wisdom. It pursues the source of wisdom and explores the integration of the rules of matter. The nanocrystalline stone is made by the melting process of natural inorganic quartz feldspar.

  • feldspar melting

    72h restores the natural stone growth process and creates nano-microcrystalline stone similar to the natural stone crystal structure, replacing the natural stone green ecology throughout every industry in the world.

  • Cold and slow cooling ...

    The blooming time of charm is still as beautiful as when it first met. The height is derived from the pursuit of the ultimate, independent research and development of quenching and slow cooling technology, a short time will bring the jade belt from the high temperature dips at room temperature, the expansion coefficient is low to 60×10-7K , Flexural strength of up to 35Mpa, high temperature and fire resistance, low loss anti-aging formation of non-fading nano-microcrystalline stone, set the exclusive life in the beautiful.

  • mirror polishing

    Surprised from the deep running-in of the material, it gathers the mirror polishing technology of modern art and technology. The treated nano-crystalline stone has smooth and delicate texture, such as soft jade, nano-molecular structure, non-porous water absorption rate of 0, and antibacterial resistance. Pollution, acid and alkali 650H, K greater than 0.5%, gloss above 95, simple life easy every moment.

  • ng, waterjet engraving

    Simple pursuit of the good life, humanity and technology continue to blend, the continuous evolution of the three generations of technology, the manufacturing of nano-microcrystalline stone temperature delicate delicate toughness, deep processing provides a very simple and not simple way, two The sub-bend process is exquisite and exquisite, and the water-jet knife sculpture reveals beautiful and diversified design.

  • Green ecology

    The core of green ecology's life is from the concept and philosophy of the future. The mind constantly evolves new sparks. Behind each inspiration lies an ecological philosophy. The industrial philosophy originated from ecology constitutes the entire process. The framework, the water circulation process operates efficiently for 24 hours, the metal tailings recycling technology purifies the ecology in 365 days, and the old product remanufacturing process has the high-energy cycle green ecology.