The legend from the England ...

After three hundred years of continuous extension, the marble building luxury Buckingham Palace built in 1702 has become the British Imperial Center.While many royal stories gradually turned into a page of the withered history, the royalty in Buckingham Palace still brings brand-new noble legend. This legend makes the luxury palace building and art collection into the interpretation of spiritual sublimation, becoming the spiritual source of new ...

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JIANGXI KONKA NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a renowned industry science and technology innovation and product innovation of high-tech enterprises, is a research and development and production, sales and services, design, and deep

Three factories with convenient transportation, high speed road, adjacent to the provincial capital city of nanchang and jiujiang port of import and export, geographical location advantaged!

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  • Business philosophy

    Create a premium brand, cast a first-rate image

  • Corporate purposes

    innovation-driven development,wonderful green life

  • Corporate purposes

    Gain brand with quality,win market with service

  • Our Mission

    Create elegant crystaline space,achieve a beautiful Create elegant crystaline ...

  • corporatevision

    high-end architecture world-class supplier

  • Honor

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  • 003

    Year 2003 Golden Phoenix group was founded.


    Year 2004 Evaluated as a national consumer (user) trustworthy building material
    Won the trustworthy provincial scientific and technological enterprises
    Obtain the invention patent: A kind of decoration material and its preparation method
    Awarded as city advanced company


    Won the provincial private technology company Won the municipal integrity enterprise Acquiring an invention patent: a decorative material and its preparation method


    Won the municipal advanced unit of industrial product price statistics


    Year 2007 Appraised as the advanced company of the year 2007


    Get "the famous brand of green and environmental products in China" ISO9001:2000 quality management system certified


    Won the gold medal of China International Patent and Famous Products Fair
    China AAA class of good quality and trustworthy enterprise


    Year 2010 Jiangxi Famous Brand-name and high-tech enterprise The most growth brand name Outstanding member enterprise, annual enterprise scale award The top 10 best non-public economy people and in China's decorative materials industry Tax contribution award and annual tax advanced enterprise Establish R& D center and make important achievements; Utility model patent: on-line plate breaking machine and claw type thickening machine.


    Year 2012 Jiangxi AAA class of good quality and trustworthy enterprise
    Green Building Materials”


    Apply for state-level "high-tech enterprises."
    The core independent intellectual property rights further apply for the protection of these intellectual property rights:
    1. Glass-ceramics production line for building decoration 2. Annealing kiln transmission device
    3. Tin bath for the preparation of glass-ceramics 4. Production technology and equipment for second-generation Phoenix stone
    5. Production technology and equipment of the 3rd generation Phoenix stone 6. Complete production technology and technology of beige nanocrystalline stone
    7. Complete production technology and technology of black nanocrystalline stone 8. Exhaust gas supply device for preparation of glass ceramics
    9. Insulating layer for melting glass bottom layer for the preparation of glass-ceramics 10. Horizontal flame melting glass for the preparation of glass-ceramics


    Year 2014
    Upgraded Shining stone series were launched to the market, products from pure color to multi-colors.


    The third major production base of the Golden Phoenix group completed the overall plan.
    The invention patent of “the production methods and facilities of color patterned crystallized glass stone with the crystalline phase of sodium calcium fluoride silicon stone”" was obtained.


    Upgraded products were launched to the market and Golden Phoenix Stones became high-class stone.
    The invention patent of “the production methods and facilities of crystallized glass stone with the crystalline phase of sodium calcium fluoride silicon stone”" was obtained.


    Year 2017 Black Crystallized Glass Stone launched and Jiangxi Xinfeng Microcrystalline Jade Co., Ltd was awarded as high tech Enterprise


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