The design of craftsmanship is of excellent quality.

Exquisite and exquisite craftsmanship, the creation of exquisite products, so that the dream can be realized, life can be sublimated.

  • ngenuity

  • quality

  • exquisite

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  • Industry characteristics

    There is abundant geological resources, in China, China is important country of import ,
    and export stone in all of world. Stone is energy resource processing industry, the material loss is
    as high as 50% in the traditional process production of stone and severe pollution of water resources.
    The emphasis developing ecological civilization in The 13th Five-year Plan, development of high and new
    environmental protection building materials is the inevitable choice of stone enterprises. Fifteen years ago,
    golden phoenix group independent establishment of ecological industry chain, is abundant in the nature of the
    quartz feldspar as a raw material,the use of water circulation and dust recycling process, improve the resource
    utilization, reduce pollution.Metal tailings recovery return g natural ecology, change traditional impression of
    stone production pollution environment, excellence performance stones replacethe traditional stone!
    Microcrystalline nanotechnology applications widely, not only suitable for decoration industry, but
    also involved in light industry, military industry, nuclear power, optical, electronic, and
    other areas of the tip.Golden phoenix group is committed to promote the
    construction of intensive society,promote the development of human and
    the nature harmonious ecology.

  • Industry growth.

    China microlite research and development,which began in the 1980 s, microlite full scale production
    when technology mature, according to authoritative organization statistics, by 2016, 340 microlite
    companies across the country, only in the production of microcrystalline single product no
    more than 20 enterprises, production of the third generation of nano microlite only 1
    enterprises, namely golden phoenix group;2016 the industry sales income is billion yuan,
    every sales of about 7600 yuan on average, the market capacity of about 100 million
    square meters, including golden phoenix production capacity of 4.32 million
    square meters, accounts for about 4.32% of the market capacity,golden
    phoenix group is the first microcrystallineStone production
    enterprises in domestic.

  • The present and future of sales

    According to the state information centre, the housing market demand will
    be increased by one hundred million square meters during 2014-2020. the annual
    average increase 1.638 billion square meters, housing demand is stable growth, microlite
    product demand rise year by year. From 2010 to 2015, public decoration engineering output
    rose to 1.74 trillion yuan, year-on-year growth of 51.30% in 2010, of which 2015 high-rise building
    outputup to 320 billion yuan; Domestic subway, light rail operation route 2015 increased to 3195 kilometers,
    the year-on-year growth of 117.19% increase in 2010, subway, light rail construction ,so the demand of microlite
    rapid growth. At present there is 39 cities that approved by the construction of the subway, the total planning of more
    than 7300 kilometers. By 2020, there will be more than 50 cities approved by the construction of the subway and rail transit
    operation will reach 6000 km, growth of 87%.New subway station will be more than 1800, the civil aviation airport is expected to
    increase by 72, 33.02% increase, Teh demand of nano microlite decoration stone is expected to grow 60%, the market demand increased
    year by year, an unprecedented market potential.


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