The legend from the England ...

After three hundred years of continuous extension, the marble building luxury Buckingham Palace built in 1702 has become the British Imperial Center. While many royal stories gradually turned into a page of the withered history, the royalty in Buckingham Palace still brings brand-new noble legend. This legend makes the luxury palace building and art collection into the interpretation of spiritual sublimation, becoming the spiritual source of new era of nobility.

In eastern cultures, the cultural atmosphere in the art deco residence space by the unique taste of the new era’s royalty is a symbol of the high class persons, which inherits with the western culture of Buckingham Palace. Golden Phoenix digested the essence of eastern and western cultures. Applying the mountains and rivers as blueprint, it inherits craftsmanship for centuries and adopts international advanced nano science and technology. Taking environmental protection and health as the concept of green ecology, we create brilliant and noble nano crystallized stone, and create a high quality residential space model.

Golden Phoenix Palace, is the first royal class high-end "interior decoration space visual product experience center" in China. It is a museum of noble culture, collecting six top luxury products inherited the noble spirit for hundreds of years: Phoenix Jade Stone Series, which wakes up fossils of billions of years and achieves world-class jade stone; Nano Crystallized Glass Stone series, which reproduces the natural wonders of the glacier century; Italy Wood Series, which originates in the rare wood grain marbles in Verona, Italy; Thin Crystal Jade Panel Series, which reduces the weight and thickness of wall cladding; Crystallized Slate Series, which originates from the king of stones - diamond; Cloud Pattern Series, which takes the matrix limestone six hundred millions years ago as creative blueprint


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